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Firstly, let me tell you a little bit about us.
We are a small, family run kennel, in a tiny village called Libberton, between Biggar and Carnwath, in South Lanarkshire.

We have many  years experience breeding miniature smooth Daxies-Red, Black&Tan, Brindle and Chocolate&Tan. We currently have twelve daxies at the moment and each of them is unique and special in different ways.The "Our Daxies" page on our website has photographs of Effie, Francie, Josie, Myrtle, Hilda, Isa, Jessie, Isla, Mildred, Tilda, Jack and Victor- our dachshunds. We have built strong relationships with  responsible breeders that we can trust-all of the stud dogs we use have undergone the necessary health checks recommended by the Kennel Club.

​​Dachshunds- "I didn't know that....!" 
Dachshunds, as a breed, come under the category of the 'Hound Group' of dogs. The word Dachshund means 'Badger Dog'. They were bred originally as working/hunting dogs with the purpose of going down into badger sets. They still love to hunt when off lead and you will often notice them, nose to ground, snuffling around in the hedgerows.

Within the UK, Dachshunds are mainly found in two sizes - Standard and Miniature. Within these two sizes are 3 coat types - Smooth, Long and Wire.
We are very fortunate within the breed community in the UK, to have two invaluable websites dedicated to Dachshunds that owners and breeders can use as a place of reference.

These websites are: the 'Dachshund Breed Council UK' and 'Dachshund Health UK' - (please see '"Links" page)
These two sites you will find endless information regarding every Dachshund. topic from buying and owning Dachshunds, health and welfare, breed standard and breed clubs.

As with all dogs, there are some prevalent health issues within the breed that current owners, breeders and future owners must be aware of - I have provided clear and hopefully relatively simple advice in the "Health" page here.

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