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Our Girls!
We have 8 girls currently although I'd be very surprised if that number hadn't risen by the tine you have read this! Dachshunitus- it's a contagious disease which, if caught, will make it impossible to resist buying and loving more and more dachshunds. Watch out-you have been warned
Effie is the oldest of all our girls and is the reason we breed dachshunds today. Every dog owner will tell you that they love their dog and that their dog is an important and integral part of their family. Unsurprisingly then, we can say with complete sincerity that Effie is 100% a part of our family and to say that we love her doesn't really cut the mustard! She was the cutest little puppy ever and when she came home with me, everyone fell in love with her instantaneously.. She is a shaded red miniature smooth dachshund and has the softest, saddest eyes you've ever seen. They just seem to say.."love me". Her little tail has a bend and callous in the middle- she was born with a wonky tail and rather than put us off, it made her more special. It certainly doesn't stop her from wagging it- it's like a little helicopter going round and round when she's happy! She is definitely the boss of all the girls and gets to choose her place 1st on the sofa with me- usually to lick my ankles!? She has the funniest bark ever which makes everyone laugh and then try their best to impersonate. She loves our cat- sadly only one remains. Her best friend 'Alfie' our ginger Tom was with us before we got Effie and she kind of adopted him as her mum! He died last year and she was so sad- she looked for him everywhere, every time she was outsid
She is an experienced mum- she's had 3 gorgeous litters. In fact her puppies were so amazing, we decided to keep three. Aggie was Effie's first daughter and is just like her mum! Hamish is Effie's first son and he lives with his dad Dougal at my sister's house. Dougal is one of our stud dogs and my sister lives just 5 minutes from us so it is really convenient . We also kept another girl who's called Francie- yes there's a Scottish theme going on here with the names. When you come to visit, Effie will be the first up on your knee and will eventually fall asleep there- only after licking your knees to within an inch of their life though! She is a gentle, loving and loyal girl- I have a real soft spot for Effie because she was my first girl!!!
Effie is happily retired now-only lots of TLC and spoiling for her now!



Isa is also a red miniature smooth. She has the most beautiful almond shaped eyes and looks as if butter wouldn't melt......Don't be fooled!
She is as sharp as a tack and always up to something or other with her sister Hilda!-They are a right pair. Isa loves to play chase in the garden with Hilda and Josie-usually Josie and her gang up on poor wee Hilda. She can hear their treat tin opening from 2 miles away and is always the first to sit in front of you waiting for the goodies to be dished out-she looks like the perfect, most attentive dachshund ever!
Isa also loves to have her belly rubbed. She finds her spot on the sofa every night and has come to expect this treat! If you are not attentive to her needs, she doesn't forget to let you know....and keeps letting you know until she has success! She has selective hearing- I know this because every night when it's time to leave the living room and go to her bed, she continues to lie on the sofa....she also suffers from floppy dachshund disease because when you try to lift her she just flops from side to side!!!

Hilda is Isa's sister but they are completely different both physically and in nature! Hilda is our beautiful brindle girl-she has the most stunning markings and beautiful soft face. She is the more timid of the two but her confidence continues to grow. Hilda and Isa are a right pair.....full of energy and nonsense. She loves our cat and is forever looking for her on the window ledge-when she gets up close she doesn't really know what to make of her! She likes to cuddle up too, and especially enjoys lying on her back, legs stretched out while her right royal little tummy gets tickled! She has a lovely, gentle nature- bit of a worrier...
Hilda's real talent in is her jumping abilities. I'm sure she must have been a horse in a previous life because she can clear hurdles that you just would not believe! We have willow borders around our garden to protect our plants from puppies but Hilda can jump over these without a thought- much to the annoyance of the other dogs who just watch on jealously!!! 


Josie is one of our chocolate and tan girls-she's the oldest. She is affectionately nicknamed Josie Jump because she always looks ready to jump into action. She is a very curious and intelligent girl- she solves any problem and learns new routines or instructions very quickly. When she was about 14 weeks old and still in her puppy pen, she worked out how to climb out. We were absolutely baffled and could not figure out how she was able to do this- the enclosure was about three feet high, all mesh panels were in perfect condition and the latch door always secure. We decided to spy on her, since she would never give her secret away in front of us. What we watched was just amazing- Josie had learned to climb the wire panels- each paw was placed like a foot or hand on a ladder; just as we would move each limb to climb, she did. Upon reaching the top, she then decided that it was safe for her to jump to the ground. Sometimes when we watched her secretly, she would even climb back in! She is a one off! Josie is also very playful and loves to walk- especially off the lead in the fields to the back of our house. She is incredibly well behaved, patient, attentive and gentle. She would wait for hours to visit a food bowl if she wasn't invited to it- unlike some of her fellow friends!!! Josie's favourite thing to do though is sunbathe and she has her own unique pose! See her picture below...can't be comfortable!!


Francie isn't the baby of the bunch now. We kept her from an Effie litter since she was so like her sister Aggie- she too is a deep mahogany red. She's a curious wee one for many different reasons. She looks like Eeyore most of the time- completely miserable and her wrinkly face just adds to the drama of it all. We call her Floppy Francie too, since every time she is picked up, she feels like she is made of rubber! Her skin is so wrinkly and she's such a tubby too. She appears unsure of almost everything and everyone and approaches tentatively as though she might get into trouble- she certainly looks like she carries a big bag of worries around. However, do not be fooled or taken in by this innocent act- she is the instigator of many garden chases and frantic races around the living room table. She thoroughly enjoys tormenting her best friends, Josie and Myrtle. She is a comfort queen and isn't content until she is lying on your chest with her head under your chin- her wrinkly face from time to time looking up at you with the inevitable worried expression! She has such a lot to be worried about!! She is so cuddly, smooth and warm and heats up like a little dachshund pie. Of course her floppiness returns as soon as its time to go to bed- she makes it almost impossible to lift her up and if looks could kill!! Francie had her 1st litter of puppies early 2016- it's strange because she never seems to grow any older. She still looks like a wrinkly, chubby puppy herself- even though she is definitely not! Francie's favourite thing in all the world is her ball!!! No-one gets near it....NO-ONE!!! She loves to fetch it and will "nose" it in your direction if she wants you to throw it for her.


Where should I begin with Myrtle? She really is such a character it's hard to know where to start. We bought Myrtle from a very experienced and highly respected breeder with the intention of both showing her and eventually taking a litter from her. We got her soon after Josie and the two became and remain great play mates. Myrtle is an absolutely beautiful Black and Tan girl, with a stunning face and markings. It will not be possible, however, for us to show her, because she has gotten too big for the breed standards. We affectionately call her 'the tank' because she comes from a Russian pedigree lineage and she is as solid as one too! She has the cheekiest expressions ever seen on a dog and she just makes everyone laugh and love her. Her favourite game for a while was to go upstairs and then cry until someone came to rescue her. However, the rescue was never straightforward, because whenever she saw you approaching the top of the stairs, she would start to play chase. Oh yes, she would run under a bed, any bed, in any room and bark at you to catch her! When the rescuers stopped appearing she had to find a different game! Another favourite was to drag the cushions from the kitchen sofa, her bed and blankets to any other part of the house apart from where they should actually be. This was such fun obviously, since when discovered her tail would wag ferociously, she would stick her back end in the air and curl her lips inside her teeth- like a smile! "Look how clever I am!". My personal favourite is when she chews her minty bones- she chews two at a time and comes to see you with them sticking out if either side of her mouth like Dracula fangs! She is a dachshund comedian and does stand up every day! She too has a lovely temperament, clearly enjoys people, is a happy, enthusiastic, and affectionate girl.  Myrtle has given us beautiful puppies and they were all like their mum-full of mischief! Myrtle junior...when she has a girl...will be another addition to our family...can't wait!!

​Jessie is Josie Junior- our second youngest chocolate and tan.! She was such a beautiful girl that we decided to keep her from Josie's first litter. She is THE happiest dachshund in the world...it is official. She has so much energy and just constantly wags her tail! She finds it impossible to settle when we are all together in the livingroom for our evening cuddles. She just bounces from one sofa to the other, giving everyone big licks across the face, lying on her back for a quick belly rub before she jumps off and repeats the pattern over and over. She does eventually settle dow...I think she is so exhausted that she has to. She has a lot of growing up still to do....not physically though...she is already bigger than her mum...She has a brilliant temperament which is not a surprise because her mum has too. She has the most beautiful cheeky face...I call her 'my cheeky monkey!'

​Our second oldest black and tan girl. She is a character. Does this little lady like the royal treatmen!! If you stop petting her or fussing over her when she is up beside you on the sofa during their night time routine...then you won't hear a word of your T.V programme!! Oh no...not a chance! She definately knows how to make herself heard and won't give up until she has made clear that her needs are not being met. She is a smashing wee girl...lovely temperament....but nothing's ever done in a hurry. Steven and I laugh at her making her way back in from the garden. Honestly, everything is just so slow and her wee legs are always poker stright...they never seem to bend! She is so funny. Isla loves food though and if there's even a slight rustle coming from the kitchen then she is in like a shot. She is best friends with Jessie, Isa and Hilda. They are always playing with each other although Isla is without doubt the least energetic of the group!!! 


Myrtle's puppies enjoying solid food for the first time! Hilarious!



So....that's our bunch...and WHAT a bunch they are!