Our Daxies!
We have 10 girls currently and 2 boys! Our numbers are always rising- its called Dachshunitus- it's a contagious disease which, if caught, will make it impossible to resist buying and loving more and more dachshunds. Watch out-you have been warned.
Effie is the oldest of all our girls and is the reason we breed dachshunds today. She is a shaded red miniature smooth dachshund and has the softest eyes you've ever seen. They just seem to say.."love me". Effie is the leader of our Daxies, and has looked after every puppy and dachshund we have had in our home. She has became the mother of mothers and she's fabulous. Effie has since retired, however, she still likes to keep everyone in line.


Isa is a red miniature smooth. She has the most beautiful almond shaped eyes and shiny coat. Isa is Effie's little girl from her last litter we took from Effie. Isa loves to have her belly rubbed, she finds her spot on the sofa every night and has come to expect this treat! 

Hilda is Isa's sister from the same litter however, they are completely different both physically and in nature! Hilda is our beautiful brindle girl-she has the most stunning markings from her dad Tiger and beautiful soft face and eyes just like her mum Effie. She is the more timid than her sister Isa. Hilda is very quiet and loving. She can run really fast she's more like a whippet than a dachshund.




Josie is one of our chocolate and tan girls-she's the oldest. She is affectionately nicknamed Josie Jump because she always looks ready to jump into action. She is a very curious and intelligent girl.
When she was about 14 weeks old and still in her puppy pen, she worked out how to climb out. We were absolutely baffled and could not figure out how she was able to do this- but she did!

Everyone meet Francie. Francie is also sisters with Isa and Hilda, but from a different litter, her dad was called Dougal. She looks
completely different from her sisters. France is a deep mahogany red. She's a curious wee one for many different reasons. She is very wrinkly- we call her floppy Francie. Francie loves her ball and frisbee - no one else can get a shot! We could spend all day throwing Francie her ball, and if you do not throw it quick enough she will let you know!  



Where should I begin with Myrtle? She really is such a character it's hard to know where to start. We bought Myrtle from a very experienced and highly respected breeder. Myrtle is an absolutely beautiful Black and Tan girl, with a stunning face and markings. We affectionately call her 'the tank' because she comes from a Russian pedigree lineage and she is as solid as one too! She has the cheekiest expressions ever seen on a dog and she just makes everyone laugh and love her.

​Our second oldest chocolate and tan girl. She is a character. Jessie is a quiet girl who watches from the side lines to see whats going on. She loves to cuddle up on the sofa. Jessie's lovely temperment comes with a very laid back attitude - nothing is ever done in a hurry with Jessie!

Everyone meet Isla, another black and tan beauty! Isla is a lovely little lady, she has a great personality and lots of love to give. Isla can be demanding when it comes to cuddle up time - she adores having her belly rubbed and she will moan at you if you stop at any point. She's a great girl and we're lucky to have her!

This little girl is Myrtle take two! As you may have worked out, Mildred is Myrtle's little girl. She is crazy like her mother, the apple didn't fall to far from the tree! This beautiful black and tan has so much character and fun in her every day. She always keeps you on your toes and adores meeting new people.

Tilda is our red girl, she is actually very light in colour, more of a blonde in her coat but is catorgoerized as a red smooth, Francie is her mother and they are very similar in physicaly appearance - both are incredibly floppy dogs! Tilda is great fun and loves to meet new people, she is still very young and playful like a puppy and we just adore her!

We have two fabulous boys, one being Jack a lovely black and tan boy. Jack is a great natured and fun little man. He loves treats, walks and playing with his best friend Victor. There is a reason we named them Jack and Victor - they are two peas in a pod and always have something up their sleeves!

Victor is a chocolate and tan boy. He is a small stud but he knows how to get all the attention he wants. He's soft and gentle, adores small babies - I think he thinks he is one of them. He can boss his best pawfriend Jack about, they go everywhere together. HIs big brother Jack looks after him and they always cuddle up together.







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