We seek feedback, positive or negative from all new puppy
owners to help us improve our service. Please read a sample of
their thoughts and comments. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share their experiences. (present, past and future)
“We would definitely recommend you
to anyone. We absolutely love Lawson.
He is a fab dog and everyone always
stops us to ask where we got him. Well you must do something right ‘cos we’re coming back for another one!!”
Stacy and Brian
“We don’t just think about you as a
breeder. You’re friends really and you couldn’t have been nicer to us. I remember when we were just getting Hamish- you even let my mum and dad come to visit too. We sat together all afternoon chatting and it was just so relaxed.We have absolutely no regrets about using you or about getting Hamish. Honestly, thank-you so much!”.....Ken and Marie
“ I think the wee puppy packs you’ve made are brilliant. The information is really,really useful-especially the socialisation programme. I loved the wee toys
and blanket-it was all so
thoughtful and professional. I can’t
thank you enough-all of you!”..............
Tracy and Paul
East Kilbride
“Listen, anyone who can put up with my constant
questions and generally just being a nuisance deserves a medal. I think you couldn’t get more thoughtful and patient people. You really took your time to explain things and we never felt pressurised to do anything. Rory is thriving and it’s definitely the
best thing we ever did. Thanks to you guys.”
Stewart and Lynn,
Tia is brilliant. She is the happiest,
healthiest wee dog and has the best personality ever. My niece loves her and she is so gentle. She’s just like her mum, Ina. Do not hesitate to get a dachshund...”  Liz ..Carnoustie.
“Thanks so much for all your help and
 support. Really appreciate you guys
putting up with all our phone calls and
visits. Loved getting the photos and
videos of the pups.”...Callum and Zoe
“I’m really glad we took your advice
 and visited other breeders. It helped
a lot to see what other breeders did.
We loved the atmosphere you had
rigrt away. You could see that you
loved your dogs and they were part
of your family. You were really
patient with us too on our visit. We
didn’t feel rushed at all." 
Laura and Christine
“We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. You kept us up to date on everything that was happening and we
never felt uncomfortable to ask you about anything.
We really appreciated all your time and patience and feel that we have made real friends. I don’t think
many breeders would take a dog back for a wee holiday to help out. We loved your puppy packs and thought it said a lot that you added stuff to it
when we said it might help. Thanks a million for everything. Our wee girl is amazing. Everyone loves
Steven and Shona...
“ Thanks for everything. We’ll be back for another  one. It’s been a really great experience from start to finish. We didn’t feel worried or stressed anytime. We feel as though we’ve known you guys forever. Don’t worry, we will be popping in for a visit soon.
It’s your own fault for being so nice!”.....
Fiona and Stuart...
“We just knew as soon as we met you that you were the right people to get a dog from. It’s so obvious that you love all your dogs and really take what you do seriously.All your dogs are gorgeous and every one of
 them has a different personality. We Are completely satisfied with our dog, bob, and we would recommend you to anyone....in fact we have...twice already when we were out at our local park. Do we get commission?"
Alison and Mark 
"We'll continue to add your thoughts and respond to your feedback. Thanks and watch out for your comments being posted."